Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

  1. Records must be maintained for a period of seven years unless otherwise specified.
  2. Right of access to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records must be granted to the organization, their customer, and authorities.
  3. The supplier shall notify the organization of changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing location, and, where required, obtain organization approval.
  4. The supplier shall flow down to their sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including key characteristics where required.
  5. The supplier shall notify the organization when there is a nonconforming product and when arrangements have been made for organization approval of supplier nonconforming material.
  6. The supplier shall prevent the use of counterfeit parts.
  7. The supplier shall ensure the persons are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, product safety, and ethical behavior.